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Monday, 9 March 2015


RAISING AWARENESS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION! TAKING INITIATIVE AND HOSTING NEW STAR QUILT RAFFLES EACH CONSEQUTIVE MONTH UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2015 when Ill be attending my PNP transfer program into NURSING with the U of L! "They say skies the limit, I say the stars within it are our limits!"

DRAW DATE: MARCH 31st 2015

Hosting this raffle due to no funding from our band Piikani Nation​, single parent of three daughters with no source of income. Merit to cuts is my recent medical leave. I am eligible to reapply for September 2015. When I attend U of L. Views of my creations can be seen at:
I can be contacted at 587-220-0268 via text with a name and number of tickets you'll like to purchase.
I do except etransfers, and will be updating throughout the month with all support sponsors towards my raffle!
I do take orders of all sizes of quilts, and many more authentic creations!


Piitakii; Jarrellee Bad Eagle - Haggard


Monday, 26 January 2015

Mark Twain.QUOTE!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover."


Mark Twain

English 30 - 1 Written By, Jarrellee Bad Eagle SETTING GOALS & VISUALIZING YOUR FUTURE

English 30 -1
DATE: January, 22nd, 2014
Written by: Jarrellee Bad Eagle; Piitakii

1. Leisure Time: What kinds of things will you do often when you are not at work

While I am not a work, I will make time for my daughters and me. We will swim, camp, or go fishing, and attend as many powwows as we can. During the powwow trail, we will dance and participate in giveaways or the joy of the beat of the drum and dance.
On my free time, I will book time to white water raft, and bring my children to ride horses at our great uncle Harvey Four Horns residence. In my own personal opinion, to white water raft is truly Gods greatest adventure, one can ever try...... RISK TAKING!

What will your home life be like

Our home life will be comfortable, but always busy. My daughters will be attending school and play sports. They will have sleepovers, and many friends. We will have a large home to fit the four of us. The quilts and crafts I create, will have their very own room, for me, MOMMY. We will have two bathrooms, five bedrooms, a large dining room, living room and kitchen. In our home we will have a large family room and large laundry room.
Our home will be on a ranch in the country. Our entire home will be furnished and designed to fit the scenery of the country, it’ll match the landscape of country living. We will all be active and continue to rebuild and fix my late grandfathers barn and corrals. We will own horses, cattle chickens and roosters. Maybe even more animals, depending on my children’s care for the animals.
The four of us, mother and daughters will al be happy and busy. All the while, having our very own place to call HOME SWEET HOME.

What will your home look like

Our home will be immaculate and very beautiful. We will have barn designed entrance and exit doors. As you enter our home, you will feel welcomed by the happiness and love my daughters and i create. In the entrance way, our home will be designed with hardwood flooring, and have warm welcoming coloured paints. Out furniture will be designed by a local woodworking, carpenter. The home we live in will be so warm and welcoming, that you’ll know you’re in the country. As you gaze out our bay window you’ll be greeted by the Blackfoot’s grand Chief, Chief Mountain. The sites of the prairie fields and coulees, may just keep our guests for days. That’s how beautiful the sites are where I was raised as an Inapohkah. (Grandchild)

Your Neighbourhood

We are going to live on the North side of the Piikani Nation. Our community and neighbourhood will consist of our close relatives. Next door to my uncle Eddie James Bad Eagle, and across the coulees my aunty Virginia Bad Eagle aka Giinakii.

Where will you be living

We will be living on the Piikani Nation, in Brocket, AB, Canada.

Will it be in the same area you were raised or in some other region or country

My daughters and Niistoo are going to be living in the same area I was raised. My late grandfather worked very hard to move to this location. He moved his family here from the Southside of our reserve, where the original Bad Eagle estate is. When he moved to the North side of our reserve in the early 1980s, he began to build his very own corrals, barn and tool shed. He built these all for his horses: Judd, Sox, & Mayor.
I was born in Northern British Columbia where my dad is from. When my mom returned home, this is where me and my little sister lived with her at our grandpas house. My fondest memories are that of meeting our Blackfoot cousins. We would climb the barn and corrals, we would chase cattle or play capture the flag, in the vast area my grandfather called his coulees and land. I’d love to rebuild his legacy he left behind and raise his grandchildren there. Where I’ve always called home (Nookoowayii).

2. Relationships
Will you be married or single

I envision my life with a partner, id love to be married to a strong, traditional and hardworking man. He will love me and my children. My daughters are always going to be with me, in my life journey, where it may take me.

Will you have children

Yes. I have three daughters, may try to expand our family and have a son someday. Depending on my husband, if he’s a stud or not...... or I’d love to adopt a child(ren) from my home reserve.

If so, how many

I currently have three, id love to have one or two more. Preferably a boy.

How will the children be raised

They will be raised with my husband and me on our ranch. They will each be active in our community. During our spring and summer seasons they will participate in our annual powwow gatherings. They will be raised with the knowledge of both worlds, traditional and modern day living.

3. Your work day
In what kind of environment will you be working

I will be working in a professional and competent health care team. It will be a fast paced environment. We will be a very helpful, competent and professional team.

Will it be in an office or outdoors

It will be in an office setting. All policies and mandates will be followed and met. My own personal business will work on occasion outdoors, for tipi making and or other traditional required work. Please see:

Will you be working at home or in a factory

I will be working for a health care team, than hopefully one day running my own star quilt production line, in a factory. All my current quilts have been created at home on e my own personal time.

Will you be moving around or staying put

I will go where my career takes me, my dream is to be a part of a health care team, anywhere in the world. Staying rooted and always returning home for my children, mother, and siblings.

Will you have a physically active job

Yes. I will have a physically demanding job. Be working on my feet all day as a professional Registered Nurse, certified in the province of Alberta. Aiming towards a masters degree in Nursing.

A creative job

Yes. Always and foremost, my small business: my ultimate dream is to pass my knowledge to each of my three daughters.

An administrative job

Yes. Registered Nurses always do the paperwork. Kyaan.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact career or job you’ll have, but you should at the very least be able to describe the general kind of work or environment you’ll be working in. – English 30-1 (Setting Learning Goals)


Piitaakii – Jarrellee Bad Eagle; Daughter of Anita Bad Eagle/Darrell Haggard and granddaughter of the late Iihtsimainskii James Bad Eagle/Late Loretta Four Horns – Great granddaughter of Piihksitsaakoohmii - Pat Bad Eagle/Late Susan Plain Eagle

Silent Night – Blackfoot Lullaby JBE.Piitakii

Silent Night – Blackfoot Lullaby
Written By, Jarrellee Bad Eagle; Piitakii

Inspahpii Kohkooh
(Silent Night)
Natoyii Kohkooh
(Holy Night)
Kyohkah Niistoo Pohkaaksi
(Go to sleep my children)
(I love you)
(I love you)
Kyohkah Pohkaaksi , Kyohkah Pohkaaksi
(Go to sleep my children, go to sleep my children)
( I love you)
Iikaakimaat, Niistoo Pohkaaksi
(Try hard my children)

Our children become who we teach them to become.

Monday, 22 December 2014

April 18th, 2013 "Jarrellee Star Quilts" Recognition #AWARD #IIKAAKIIMAAT

CHRISTMAS EVE "BROOKS&DUNN" Star Quilt raffle 2014! Niistoo "Neon Moon" quilt =)

OKI Nitsitapkisi!!!
Still time to enter my small families raffle!
WINNER will be announced in a live video update on December 24th, 2014 at #Nookowayii
Getting excited =)

Happy holidays & Seasons Greetings =) From my family, to yours <3